SUN N FUN Realty Service

Looking to Buy a Home in Central Florida? We can help you through our partners in real estate services – the Central Florida Home Specialists.
Our partners services include:

  • Representing Buyers
  • Representing Sellers
  • Vacation Home Management
  • Mortgages
  • Property Management

Whether you are looking to find your dream vacation home, an income producing investment property, or the perfect place to retire – Sun N Fun can help.

International buyers, attention!!! Even with the rise of the Dollar, you buy more house here for the same price of a property abroad, with high quality of life and great cost of living, and you can receive INCOME AND APPRECIATION in US$ dollar.

Our partner agents have lived and worked in the area for over 15 years and have all the experience and knowledge needed to locate the ideal property that checks all the boxes on your wish list.

Call today to speak about our real estate partners professionals services at 1-407-9324079, or email to

We look forward to hearing from you soon

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